A True Leader C.A.R.E.S

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Three Ways Great Leaders Show They Care About Their Team

The nature of the vision and mission is critical for enabling others to feel as if their work has a purpose and meaning beyond the tasks they perform each day. Sometimes leaders must help their staff connect the dots by explaining this big picture to all. Communicating the big picture regularly will help reinforce the reason your organization exists. The inspirational leader listens to the people in their organization. Talking to people about your passion is not enough. To share meaning—a favorite and meaningful definition of communication—you must allow the ideas and thoughts of your staff to help form the vision and mission, or minimally, the goals and action plan.

People need to see their ideas incorporated—or understand why they were not. To experience inspiration, people need to feel included. Inclusion goes beyond the realm of listening and providing feedback.

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For real inclusion, people need to feel intimately connected to the actions and processes leading to the accomplishment of the goals or the final decision. Many people did not like the decision, but the company involved the management team, the Activity Committee members, and many other employees in the discussion about whether to cancel or reschedule the event. The inclusion led to a compromise that enabled a smaller celebration and a positive morale boost , yet allowed the company to meet customer needs.

Since customer needs are paramount, and the employees agreed, the company's decision—made with employee input—left nothing to push back against. They must believe in your integrity and see it played out in decision-making and treatment of customers and employees. Who you are as a person is as important as the direction you provide.

Your actions play out on the stage of your organization. Behavior that aligns with what you say is always center stage. An inspirational leader gives people what they want within their capabilities. But you must share the rewards if the organization is doing well.

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Speaking directly to a contributing employee about the value their work provides for the organization is a key source of inspiration for the recipient. The actions you take every day at work are powerful.


10 Timeless Qualities of True Leaders

The Balance Careers uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience. By using The Balance Careers, you accept our. Human Resources Training Tips. By Susan M. Here are the qualities and actions associated with successful leaders:. A true leader focuses on people, not power. So always try to add some value in their life.

14 Fundamental Leadership Qualities That A True Leader Must Possess

Two simple words have the power to motivate and inspire your employees and make them feel great — Thank You. Your team helps you accomplish a goal, give the credit to them, and let them shine. Your every employee makes a difference. Make it a habit to say thank you.

How great leaders inspire action - Simon Sinek

Remember, great leaders claim none of the honors. Expand the appreciative attitude to suppliers, vendors, delivery people, and of course, customers.

2. The Relationship Is Honest

This simple line has a great power to encourage employees like John to do their best work. It costs you nothing, but the results can be enormous. Successful leader praises his team by telling them that they are doing great work.

Share your vision and mission with them and ask for their inputs. Motivated people are excited about their job and perform well. Always listen what your team members want to say. The door to the office of the real leader is open to all who wish to enter. Employees want a leader who cares about them.

1. They spread joy and drive fear away.

Your listening skills determine the quality of your influence. A true leader is never too busy to connect and maintain a solid relationship with his team. Leadership calls for respect. Lack of honesty, loyalty, and ethics are the major causes of failure in your personal and professional life.

Reward Yourself

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