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My stepfather is rich. Moments turned to minutes as they waited. And waited.

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After a good ten minutes had passed, a tall attractive man, with thick salt-and-pepper hair and a thin, dark moustache, appeared and greeted them. No problem. You know how airline food is. Like cardboard, even in first class. Please, be a dear and lead us to the dining room. Dom followed as Roberto led J. The table sat twenty, but this evening the guests were placed at the far end of the table, the two men and two women flanking the head of the table where Miguel Ramirez presided.

When Roberto entered, bringing J. Impressive, J. He was one-hundred-percent male, from his wide shoulders to his lean hips and long legs. He was handsome without being pretty. But it was his unique golden-brown eyes that captured J.

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Large, expressive eyes, the color of dusty topaz. Ramirez hesitated for a moment as he studied J. Then he smiled, scooted back his chair and walked hurriedly around the table and straight to her. He opened his arms in an expression of welcome, then reached down and grasped both of her hands in his.

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  • They stood there in the dining room, just beyond the threshold and stared at each other, his gaze locked on her face. So much for hoping. The little buggers were doing a Saint Vitus dance in her stomach right now. Then she turned and looked Miguel right in the eyes, daring him to contradict her. His eyes widened in surprise, but, barely missing a beat, he replied. More than ever. No six-foot Viking goddess.

    No cool, sophisticated Grace Kelly blonde. Not even a hard-as-nails, pro-wrestler-type female with a killer look in her eyes. No, Jennifer Blair was none of those things. What she was was a petite, raven-haired beauty with an hourglass figure and the most striking blue-violet eyes Miguel had ever seen. Call him old-fashioned, call him a macho pig, but he preferred his women to defer to him in all things.

    And that included his female bodyguard. Dolores glowered at J. I find that very strange. Emilio cleared his throat, then said hastily. Otherwise, you know I would have told you. But we agreed that she would wait to give me an answer, that we would put some time and distance between us to make sure what we felt was…real love. Skewering J. Dolores knew Miguel the way a sister knows her brother, so convincing her that he was in love with this American woman would not be easy. We should ask Ramona to bring in champagne…er…uh…and sparkling cider for you, my sweet. A collective sigh permeated the room.

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    Miguel loosened his tenacious hold about J. When he paused by the chair where the elegant redhead sat, the woman stopped glaring daggers at J. Once outside in the hall, she jerked free and stopped dead still. Totally exasperated with this woman, Miguel groaned.

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    Sound carries in this old house, especially in the hallways. We should set up the ground rules for this charade immediately. He did not touch her again; instead he allowed her to fall into step beside him as he led her away from the dining room. A few minutes later, he opened the massive double doors to the mahogany-paneled library with bookcases on three sides that reached to the top of the fourteen-foot ceiling. Here in Mocorito the temperatures seldom dropped below the high sixties.

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    Wonderful, Miguel thought. He was dealing with a hotheaded little feminist. He had encountered numerous women such as this during the years he had spent in the United States, but none had been as lovely as Ms. Point duly noted.

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    And her large, full breasts were duly noted, also. But in private, I will be myself. Neither they nor you will question my authority in that area. I am completely in charge of you. Miguel groaned silently as the image of this lovely creature dominating him in a very intimate way flashed through his mind, sending arousal signals to his lower anatomy. She smiled. When I say jump, you ask, how high? Enough of this nonsense, he told himself. Who did this arrogant, cocksure woman think she was? Miguel Cesar Ramirez had spent his life proving to himself and the world around him that he was a man of integrity and self-assurance, a leader and not a follower. He was on the verge of being elected the president of Mocorito, a country where the majority of women knew their place.

    You have not been assigned to this job to issue me orders. You are here to watch over me, to ensure my safety, and even to take a bullet for me, if necessary. And I had so hoped that your being educated in the United States would have prepared you to deal with a woman as an equal. I will play the subservient female in public, but in private, I am in command.

    He surveyed her from the top of her head to the tips of her toes. In his bed.

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    He would truly enjoy setting her off and seeing the sparks fly. She heaved a deep sigh, apparently as aggravated with him as he was with her. I suppose you realize that. Not here in this male-dominated country where mistresses are second-class citizens. He could not deny the truth of her statement.

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    • Mistresses were treated as second-class citizens, a fact he knew only too well.