Diversity and Complexity (Primers in Complex Systems)

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A complex system - such as an economy or a tropical ecosystem - consists of interacting adaptive entities that produce dynamic patterns and structures. Diversity plays a different role in a complex system than it does in an equilibrium system, where it often merely produces variation around the mean for performance measures.


Natural Complexity: A Modeling Handbook (Primers in Complex Systems) by Paul Charbonneau

In complex adaptive systems, diversity makes fundamental contributions to system performance. Scott Page gives a concise primer on how diversity happens, how it is maintained, and how it affects complex systems. He explains how diversity underpins system level robustness, allowing for multiple responses to external shocks and internal adaptations; how it provides the seeds for large events by creating outliers that fuel tipping points; and, how it drives novelty and innovation. Interspecies diversity is considered as well, with a chapter devoted to the human relationship with animals supported by data obtained from the authors research study on childrens and adolescents attitudes towards animals.

Diversity and Complexity | Princeton University Press

Throughout the book, the main concepts and principles pertaining to complexity science and complex thinking are used, including systems, interconnection, emergent factors, non-linearity, uncertainty, responsibility, mutilating thought, and the contribution of art to scientific research. Two chapters address the relationship with diversity as it is presented in literature, cinema, and photography.

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In conclusion, the authors view is that complexity is an intrinsic quality of reality, and that reality absolutely must be approached through the complexity lens. Help Centre. Track My Order.

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My Wishlist Sign In Join. Be the first to write a review. The purpose of the Complex Systems Working Group is to enhance the ability of the systems engineering community to deal with complexity.

The Complex Systems Working Group works at the intersection of complex systems sciences and systems engineering, focusing on systems beyond those for which traditional systems engineering approaches and methods were developed. The Complex Systems Working Group focuses on the challenges and opportunities presented by systems with rich interdependence among diverse components, non-linearity, open systems boundaries, networks of causality and influence vice linear causal chains , emergence, varied and changing system goals, self-organization, and multi-level adaptation.

These traits limit the utility of traditional systems engineering paradigms, which are generally centralized, goal oriented, requirements driven, and reductionist in approach.

Diversity and Complexity: Creative Leaders Share their Stories

These traits, however, are increasingly the norm and not the exception. Further, complexity is a characteristic of more than just a technical system being developed.

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