Majestica; First Glimpse (The Majestica Trilogy Book 1)

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Of course he finds out a secret that Aldara's been keeping. So much action, romance and epic love that has you cheering for both Aldara and her Prince.

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I love it for the story plus it is a nice change to not read the graphic par Amazing adventure What would you do for true love? I love it for the story plus it is a nice change to not read the graphic parts to sex. Leading up is just as exciting than reading the act itself. This is the conclusion to our hero and his brave and daring heroine.

Kudos to the author for an intense and brilliant read! Beautifully written! The 3rd book in The Common Girl series is every bit as mesmerizing, as enthralling as the first 2 books. Tanya Bird continues Aldara's and Tyron's story in a most satisfying way. Kept apart by politics, social standing, and their need to protect each other,Tyron faces a marriage of state, while Aldara, safe in her home, works to protect their son, the son Tyron is unaware of. Even though their paths still cross, each is convinced that they must stay apart to protect each oth Beautifully written!

Even though their paths still cross, each is convinced that they must stay apart to protect each other. Finding a way to live their lives together seems to be an impossible dream.

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Tanya Bird weaves a spellbinding story that will stay with you long after the last page! Sep 16, Sneha rated it liked it. I mean who the hell ends their book like that, it felt so incomplete. True Love Conquers All One cannot possibly know true love without knowing true sacrifice. By the end of this third installment, Aldara has become one of my top literary heroines. She was willing to go into the lion's den in order to rescue the love of her life. So much danger, intrigue and love is laced throughout the story. I didn't want to finish the book.

I'm proud to say that Tanya Bird is now one of my most treasured authors. It is extremely rare that a book consumes me until 2 a. I think this novel is Tanya's best yet, and it is a beautiful balance of romance, action and suspense. This series was my favorite read of and this third instalment has far exceeded my expectations.

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Bravo, Tanya Bird, thank you for writing an enthralling, medieval love story that I couldn't put down. This series is incredible. I am not going to lie, I am a sucker for happily ever afters. While there are still some uncertainties in Aldara and Tyron's future, their love is unending and heart warming.

Tanya Bird has won over my heart and I will forever be a huge fan of hers.

I can't wait to read Sir Leksi's story in book 4. Enjoyed this end to the trilogy so much. Tanya has a great way of keeping the momentum of the story going and a way of getting my skin crawling when the nasty characters are around! Grandor Pollux I absolutely loved this book and read it in one go! I loved the romance, excitement and original story and can recommend it to anyone who lives a romance in the historical spheres! Finally What a page turner. I could not out this down.

Aldara is the warrior princess I admired from book one. It was her turn to shine and save the day. Prince Tyron was captured and Aldara sacrificed herself to try to save him. What a saga. What a love. I want more of them!! Exciting mystery and what happens next in an intriguing third book in the series.

Must read books one and two to get full effect of this one.

e-book Majestica; First Glimpse (The Majestica Trilogy Book 1)

Aldara goes to great lengths to rescue Prince Tyron after he is taken by an enemy after visiting her home and their son. An epic story and romance I read several books a week and this is the first in a very long time that I am writing a review for. Unusual, gripping and rewarding. I couldn't resist buying all three volumes and couldn't put them down. I think I read the first three books in one breath The story of Aldabra and Tyron just got more and more beautiful , it is far cry from the real life but I think this is what I liked just allowed me to escape reality and sink in a word that love like this exists.

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Stunning end As per the other two books, this one was well paced, beautifully written and an excellent end to the story. You can tell some much thought and feeling has gone into these books. I'm not crying, you are Alright, you got me. I lost sleep.

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I sneaked this book into work. Couldn't put it down. I love their bravery, anger, and tears. My heartache for the mother's who couldn't be with their babies. I'm definitely reading book 4. Thank you. The harshness of life in a medieval world is well drawn. The love between the prince and his mistress is beautifully portrayed.

There are no simpering misses, no heavy erotic sex scenes. An engrossing read. On a whim Well written as well. Absolutely heartbreaking. Brilliant Kept me hooked until the very end! Great read and the perfect story to round up Tyron and Aldara's tale. Omg so fucking good!! This is the third and final book for them, and I loved every minute of it.

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