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To be judgmental is viewed as one of the most reprehensible human traits. People are likely to think today that an optimist is a good person, while a pessimist is the lowest of the low.

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Picking your nose in public is more forgivable then being pessimistic. Yet the world we live in is no paradise. This book breaks the rules of good behavior, because it bickers.

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This series of thought-provoking and incisive essays from Dubravka Ugresic explores the full spectrum of human existence. Confused, collapsed former Yugoslavia is, understandably, a favourite, and there are, for example, some amusing riffs on the local attitudes and how they manifest themselves, as in a piece on the use of the word 'shit' by her countrymen, who find it applicable to essentially everything "My countrymen don't give much credence to the benefits of a larger vocabulary.

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Stingy people, stingy language". But it's the longer pieces, where she has the space to unfold her ideas more fully and make more extensive connexions, that make Nobody's Home worthwhile.

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The first section may have it's entertaining bits, but can practically be skimmed across; it's when she settles down that the collection really perks up and gets going, starting with an essay on 'Europe, Europe', loosely based on her trip on the Literature Express , "in which writers from some forty-three countries covered kilometres and visited eighteen European cities". It's this sort of thing -- with its mix and variety of observations, the contrast of this "exercise in homelessness. All you do is travel, you don't think about a thing" with the impressions of both the places from the well-rooted to the rapidly changing and the writers -- that is most appealing.

In the third section several essays focus specifically on world literature -- 'What is European about European literature? Identity is an issue that keeps getting raised, and even though in the first section there is a piece in which she explains how she has become allergic to the concept "I have no idea how I picked up this allergy.

Nobody’s Home

I must have been overly exposed to identity" she finds that varieties of national identity prove nearly inescapable. She worries about labels -- these sorts of labels, in particular -- but can see how they've caught on: this identification of writer by nationality, by the country each belongs to, has asserted itself as part and parcel of literary and market communications.

Also in this way it is much easier and quicker to travel from the periphery to the centre. And: Because it is ethnic identity, a tried and true sales formula which has propelled many writers from the periphery, for the right literary reasons or the wrong ones, into the global literary marketplace.

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The market always needs a Bulgarian, a Serb, a Croat, an Albanian. But only one. Two max. Includes transpose, capo hints, changing speed and much more. It's empty now, no friendly face and nothing lives within I look around and I find no trace to tell me what has been So far I've come to fi.

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