Secret Societies: Are They Right Or Wrong?

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I knew that these people were not authorities and kept looking and looking for the truth, and when I found your work it struck so many cords and I was relieved that I finally had evidence to do away with the mainstream ignorance on these topics. Walk among ancient ruins and your heart should tell you this. So, until the time of Christ the Universal Religion was widely followed, and the Mystery Schools were teaching its wisdom.

The spirit of the Universal Religion consisted in the idea that beneath our bodies we are all the same; we are all eternal spiritual souls, the same souls called Brahman in the East , who have chosen to temporarily have a human experience on earth.


The trouble is that when we are human beings we have amnesia of this truth; we have amnesia of who we really are deep inside because we cannot see our inner eternal divinity and spirituality. We think life is real, but it is not; life is in fact just a temporary ride, and we as souls have chosen to go on this ride, similar to the way we choose to go on a ride at an amusement park. A tradition handed-down among mystics teaches that Jesus Christ was a student of the ancient Mysteries; and that he was someone who realized he had been on this ride before.

And life is indeed just a ride. Toward this end, countless portraits for hundreds of years have portrayed Jesus with an awakened Third Eye:. The images are outward, but their reflection is inward. The point is that we should ascend with him by going inward. It is a mosaic from the church of the monastery of St. Catherine in Mount Sinai, Egypt.

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It was painted in c. Christ depicted inside the pupil of a giant Eye symbol. Catherine, Mount Sinai, Egypt c. And it teaches that we must follow Jesus and do what he did! Awaken your Third Eye. So [you too should] wake up and find out eventually who you really are. After being photographed with infra-red cameras, the painting was reportedly found to have a very interesting original Third Eye design:.

Traducianism: The parents in begetting the child beget the soul too. Nineteenth century English scholar and Egyptologist Gerald Massey affirmed that this Christian denial of the eternal divine soul was the result of the Church purposely distorting the ancient Mysteries, with the Mysteries being the worldwide Universal Religion upon which Christian theology is secretly based.

Historic Christianity originated with turning the…teachings inside out and externalizing the mythical allegory in a personal human history. One such professor was Alvin Boyd Kuhn. It exalted the alleged Divine Man…but left the divine in man to grovel in the dust… …it shifted the center of gravity, so to say, from the cult of the Christ within to that of the Christ without, or from the Christ as principle to Christ as a man.

The Church instead promoted the idea of the coming of a future Savior destined to save all mankind, provided mankind followed the dictates of the Church.

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Countless ancient Pagan sects tried to stop the Church, according to Massey, Kuhn and many like-minded scholars of their day. Thus, Christianity is merely a corrupted line of the age-old Mystery School teachings, of which Masonry became the modern vehicle. By the early s the Church was less powerful than it had been in centuries prior. So there was no longer a need for secrecy, you see.

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The ancient Pagan cultures, their powerful Mysteries, and the keepers and preservers of these Mysteries, the Freemasons, were all good. The more ancient you look into human history the higher, more sophisticated, more spiritual and more intuitive men and women once were. You can see this in all ancient monuments around the world. Visit them. Feel their spiritual power. Many people today are reawakening to the power these monuments emit, not because they were taught to do so in school, but because the monuments naturally resonate with something deep inside of them.

I am one of those people. Almost two hundred years ago, the then fledgling globalist Elite the wealthy families who now own the giant multinational corporations and the banks hijacked the Secret Societies, messed around with the wires, and, in doing so they diluted the power of these organizations.

In some cases they infiltrated them entirely, changing their course and turning them into organizations that are now far different than what these Secret Societies were founded for. Modern initiates seeking true spiritual light are now left in the dark. By perverting the Secret Societies the Elite have lessened the chances of anyone seeing what they are rally up to, which, in part is that they are using the ancient symbols and wisdom for their own greedy and sinister ends!

The Elite are not spiritual people. Many are sociopaths and psychopaths who crave money, power, and control. The answer, today, is both. They were founded for good reasons, namely to preserve the ancient Universal Religion a. In Written In Stone , this discovery is set forth for the first time in literature.

It shows how the Triptych Temple three doors is the ancient architectonic symbol of the Perennial Philosophy. It is this Perennial Philosophy that has been perpetuated in all the once great Secret Societies. Prior to the publication of Written in Stone , Cassaro enjoyed a successful career as a U. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to www. Change Language. Sub Menu. There are many conflicting messages. Theories are set forth with no convincing evidence. The Orders preserve ancient wisdom and pass it on to the next generation. The Masonic Order was founded as a storehouse for this pre-Christian spiritual wisdom. Anyone convicted of heresy was punished with death. There were many, but most of them were violently uprooted by the Church.

This changed attitude toward the cathedral builders has been ongoing for hundreds of years. How did they get their hands on such high spiritual symbolism and wisdom? Did they steal it from Freemasonry? The answer, in my opinion, is yes. It explains the Morgan Affair and its devastating consequences on Freemasonry: Was the Morgan Affair a kind of false flag operation, designed to disrupt Freemasonry and allow outsiders to infiltrate and change the Order from inside out?

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Once upon a time, this image problem would have been unthinkable. Since the 15th century, the Freemasons have been the most influential international society with the longest membership list. The group was founded by the most talented British stonemasons, who banded together to charge premium prices for their superior techniques. The American Masons are older than the country itself.

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The first branch was founded in Boston in , and it expanded rapidly from there. In the 19th and 20th centuries, the organization became a political machine, connecting networks of powerful people to pull strings and influence decisions. The allure of power and political gain was so intense, in fact, that fraternal organizations became controversial for their ability to entice men to obsessive loyalty. Harwood posited in To combat this, the organization has actively attempted to dissolve any association with underhandedness by opening its doors and spilling its secrets.