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In the same way, the gospel that comes to us is simple. God requires us to respond in faith, and when we do—when we understand and believe that the Son of God became human to enable mankind's salvation—our spiritual blindness begins to be removed. Martin G.

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We have nothing to sell. The result of a man receiving the light of the Spirit is perception and he becomes absolutely convinced of the truth of the object he saw as if he had seen it with his natural eyes. That is why we have the spirit and the truth. We compare what perceive with the written word of God. Importance of Spiritual sight Rev It is possible for our spiritual sight to grow dim. We could even become blind. Unlike natural blindness which is obvious to all, the spiritually blind are often deceived and think they see. The people of laodicia could not see their true condition.

They thought they were rich and in need of nothing which was the exact opposite of the truth.


Gaining Spiritual Sight: A Continuous Process

Proverbs My people perish for lack of vision. They cast off restraint.

Backsliding always starts with a lack of spiritual sight. Revelation begins to grow dim. When the vision fades, the feeling fades, the passion fades, the fire goes out. When we see something it effects us in many ways. What we see can stir up desire, it can inspire us, it arouse great emotion, etc. We must continue to behold a thing if it is to continue to effect us in such a strong manner. That is why must continually look upon the Word of God. Many times we get out our wedding albums and find those feelings of love stirred up. Or we look back at one of our missions trips and feels those thrills that we had previously experienced.

Also when I was a boy after watching superman I would zoom around the house.

Spiritual Sight - Faith Comes By Hearing

Those images had a great influence upon my emotions, desires, etc. We must not ask ourselves whether or not we know a certain truth but rather that truth burns in our hearts as revelation and effects our lives and the lives of those around us. If we behold Christ we become partakes of the divine nature, but if we bring idols into our house and look upon them we will begin to take on the nature of those demons behind the idols.

Luke If we are not looking the judgment of God will take us by surprise John Spiritual sight vital to effective ministry. Jesus said that He only did what he saw the Father doing IV. How can we see spiritually? Rev Anoint your eyes with eye salve Cultivate the presence of the Lord through worship, prayer, obedience Phil Position ourselves to see. Stop looking at the wrong things and start looking at the right things. Resist the distractions. Like this: Like Loading Bookmark the permalink.

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How Is Your Spiritual Eyesight?

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How to Awaken your Spiritual Sight even further!

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