Sweet Seduction Shadow (Sweet Seduction, Book 3): A Love At First Sight Romantic Suspense Series

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Can someone tell me what happened to him after Ben beat him up? That would make her twenty-three years old. In the end, this is still a great series and this novel is worthy of the four stars I give it. Being a huge fan of novels that take place in Australia and New Zealand only makes me enjoy it even more. Sweet Seduction Shadow begins when "the Shadow" known as Ben finally makes his appearance known to Abi. Abi has been running for the past five years to get away from some dangerous people. She knows she's been followed for the past three weeks, but she could never locate who was following her.

She finally decides she's been made, and needs to get out of town fast. Things change however when Ben saves her.

He has the wrong idea about Abi, but when these two get together it's explosive, and maybe Sweet Seduction Shadow begins when "the Shadow" known as Ben finally makes his appearance known to Abi. He has the wrong idea about Abi, but when these two get together it's explosive, and maybe just maybe love at first sight This is not only my favorite of the series so far, it is now one of my favorite books!

I loved Ben, and Abi together. They were perfect. Abi is basically Ben's equal in all ways. I loved that. I also loved how once Abi, and Ben got together Abi didn't run from Ben. She embraced the connection they have together. It was also really nice to see the other characters from the other two books as well. The only thing I wish I had more of in this book was Ben, and Abi together. I wished we had got to see more of them "getting to know" each other, or just working together.

That would be awesome. I can not wait to read more in this series, it is awesome. For all Kristen Ashley fans this should do it! Nice written we have, sexy -hot -bunch-alpha-males,nice ladies, great story, and hot hot hot smutt. So I'm hooked! Jul 19, B. When I was reading book 2 in this series I was really hoping Ben's book would be next and I kinda figured Abi would be the heroine, and I was so happy I was correct. Abi was a great heroine she was strong but not macho and smart and yet still very feminine. Abi's whole thought was self preservation so much so she missed the true value of people around her and thought she was all alone but had she looked she would have scene that she was surrounded by people who cared about her and valued her.

Ben had friends and family that he cared about but he preferred living in the shadows and never really putting himself out there after a devastating accident in his past. Ben was strong and possessive and caring the perfect hero to sink your teeth into. Ben was assigned to watch Abi, thats what he does best being in the shadows so that those he watches don't see him or ever know he was there. Ben though he had Abi all figured out then she went and surprised him. Abi hides in plain sight she has to to survive but the years of running have taken it's toll so much so that she dreams of a man who hides in the shadows.

When she is planning her next escape she is shocked to be saved from the man she thought she had made up in her mind. Abi doesn't just intrigue Ben anymore now she will be his and Ben will do what he has to to keep her safe. Abi never thought she would have someone other than her father to protect her but she finds that and so much more in Ben and with him at her back Abi finally finds the strength to confront her past. But no plan could ever be that easy and even though Ben is great at what he does Abi and Ben may not come out the other side so that they can walk in the light together.

This was another great book in this series, Ms. Claire has done another great job on this book. With each book I read in this series I never feel like its the same old same old. She does a great job at creating new and interesting characters and story lines that you easily fall in love with and root for the hero and heroine. We again get glimpse into the characters that we met in previous books and peaks into those yet to come. This was just an easy book to read and enjoy and get swept away in.

Its just so easy to care about the characters and to feel like your right along with them for their journeys because these books are so well written. I'm glad there is many book left in this series because I am nowhere near ready to say goodbye.

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We learn that Abby has been on the run for five years from a brutal criminal that became obsessed with her when she was a child. If you read the earlier books, you may remember Ben being introduced as an employee of Anscombe Security. There is plenty of steam to go around.

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I thought these two were going to be all kind of hot together. And they were. Abby cranks up the heat right from the beginning with her erotic dreams of a sweet smelling man and later Abby and Ben burn up the sheets together. I hope that we learn more about both of these characters in later books! I still think that book one in the series is still my favorite.


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With all that being said, I will definitely read book four when it is released. The third book in the Sweet Seduction series by Nicola Claire. Hiding in plain sight, changing her identity to keep from being caught by the drug lord who "owns" her. She loves her current identity as Abi Merchant but knows it's time to leave. While executing her plan, she meets her shadow man, Ben Tamaki.

He persuades her to stay and so she does. I think the series is getting better and will certainly continue it. I think I liked this couple the best so far. I did find it convenient that Abi grew to trust Ben so quickly.

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  • Not a perfect read but really good in my opinion. It kept me entertained for hours.

    Loved it!!! I love Ben and Abi!!! I couldn't put it down. I read this all in one day.. Can't wait for the next one. I read this one so fast! I thought it was shorter than the others. Turns out it was just really good! I could definitely read more about this couple. She feels it again, the tingling between her shoulder blades Almost to the bus stop, and her ride to yet another place Two strong arms yank her out of the way at the last minute, and she smells him first, the man and the cologne from her dreams? When Ben pulls the redhead off the street in the nick of time, he surely didn't expect her to kick him in the nuts and take off on the bus!!

    Granted, he is not much of a talker himself, but a simple thanks would've done. Still, she seemed scared of him and that doesn't sit well. He works for ASI, security and investigation specialists, and is in the business of investigating and protecting, not scaring off. Ben can't resist keeping an even closer eye out for the girl. She likes Abi, she doesn't really want to change again. As Abi she started making friends, she had a good job working for nice people, and a roommate she actually liked. But she has been running for the last five years and she can't afford to let up now or he would find her.

    She is just so tired of running, of starting over again, of always looking over her shoulder. Her father did what he could to protect her when she was younger, but the compound of a mob syndicate was not the best place to grow up for a young girl. Especially when the head of the syndicate has tried to claim you as his, since you were fifteen. She got away, but for how long?

    Sweet Seduction Shadow

    Ben finds Abi again, trying her best to get as far from Auckland as she can, but she is not happy to see him. She doesn't trust him, but Ben is able to convince her that he is on her side, he will protect her. As limited as Ben is with his verbal communication, he has no problems communicating very clearly and explicitly on a physical level, and Abi is receiving the message very clearly.

    Once he claims Abi as his, the entire ASI team gets involved. Abi has become a hot commodity against her will, and trust is not an easy thing to come by, or part with. But with Ben solidly at her back, they take on any threat, past or present, and make sure their future is cleared for a new beginning. What is so fantastic about this story is that even though we are dealing with an Alpha male, he is not overbearing or controlling even if he has to fight it at times , but one who completely respects his woman's abilities, not just within her realm, but within his.

    And he says the most amazing things for one who 'sucks' at communicating. Abi, despite suffering from anxiety attacks, is not ruled by them, nor is she even slowed down by them.