Time Machine 5: Civil War Secret Agent

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Finished it from sense of duty. I did not learn nearly as much as I did from the dinosaur book. Probably would've helped for the author to flesh out a couple secondary characters and make the reader truly care about their fate. All the books in this series were amazing, but this one ia particular was quite involving, probably due to the subject matter and drawings.

A very good read.

My version is a Spanish translation by Timun Mas. Steve Bowman rated it did not like it Jul 08, Misty Bradley rated it really liked it Nov 05, Joey V.

Civil War Secret Agent (Time Machine, No. 5)

Du rated it really liked it Jan 01, Hrvoje R rated it it was amazing Jul 05, Rich Stoehr rated it really liked it Feb 21, Brent rated it it was amazing May 31, James Duncan rated it it was amazing Aug 02, Saga rated it really liked it Jul 10, Urh rated it really liked it Nov 21, David Downey rated it it was ok May 23, Dan rated it liked it May 08, Saturnberry rated it it was amazing Dec 28, Carter rated it liked it Oct 26, Steven rated it liked it Jul 05, Martin Haverholm rated it it was amazing Jul 27, Shaun rated it liked it Feb 18, Alice rated it really liked it Jun 24, Shaun rated it liked it Jun 18, There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

About Steve Perry. Steve Perry. Librarians note: There is more than one author in the Goodreads database with this name. Steven Carl Perry has written over fifty novels and numerous short stories, which have appeared in various magazines and anthologies.


ISBN 13: 9780553272000

Perry is perhaps best known for the Matador series. He has written books in the Star Wars, Alien and Conan universes. He was a collaborator on all of the Tom Clancy's Net For Librarians note: There is more than one author in the Goodreads database with this name.

Bestselling Series

Translations: French , Italian , Portuguese , Spanish My Thoughts: Like the first book in the series, this is a fairly easy book to get through, but it's definitely an entertaining read. There's a bit of challenge towards the end, but it's not too hard to get through the book fairly quickly.

Translations: Spanish My Thoughts: This book bears a certain resemblance to Sword of the Samurai both in its mission to retrieve a weapon of historical significance and in the way it forces the reader to choose an item to take along before beginning the adventure. The portion of history covered by the book is perhaps a bit familiar at least to survivors of the American public school system , and the facts presented don't cover much new ground, but this is made up for by good writing and a few effective moments of humor.

Time Machine Book Series

The subject matter is dealt with effectively and the gameplay is somewhat challenging without being frustrating; wrong choices sometimes lead to interesting situations. Search for the Nile Author: Robert W. It isn't as strong as it could be as far as characterization and dealing with sensitive issues are concerned, though it's certainly not terrible. It's also one of the most challenging books in the series to get through, though not necessarily for particularly logical reasons.

Finally, it allows at least one law of time to be broken, and it seems to bend one or two others; this is interesting, but it strains the book's believability a bit. All in all, this is pleasantly different and interestingly educational, but its flaws are definitely noticeable. The blue-covered picture above is a Perma-Bound library edition of the book.

It shows the same love of rhyme and wordplay displayed in some of those books, though the context of Elizabethan England makes these tendencies feel considerably less jarring. The book is also notable since it rather unambiguously suggests that the reader's character's gender is male though at one point you can successfully impersonate the voice of a female ghost. This lack of gender neutrality is particularly interesting considering the book's female author. On a whole, the book isn't exceptional, but it is good, and its final revelations are definitely satisfying and, to a degree, thought-provoking; Queen Elizabeth's life certainly wasn't simple Translations: Spanish My Thoughts: This isn't a bad gamebook, but it's slightly weak for this series.

History Channel Civil War: Secret Missions 8 (Sabotage at Lynchburg) HD PC

Some of the jumps to previously read sections are a bit awkward and the option before the story begins of bringing or not bringing a red scarf is pointless and wastes time. Translations: Italian My Thoughts: This book is quite good; it takes a refreshingly direct approach to an ugly topic, and it doesn't sweeten things excessively just because it's a children's book. Its storyline is also nicely constructed, allowing all of its pieces to fall into place in a satisfying manner even though they are revealed non-linearly. All of this is helped by the attractively-shaded illustrations, which are a nice change of pace from the line drawings found in so many gamebooks.

Like some other books in the series, this one requires the reader to select an item to take along before beginning the story. Unfortunately, this is the source of the book's biggest flaw -- unless the right item is picked, the book becomes an infinite loop and yes, I have a map to prove it. This certainly increases the challenge of the book, but it also seems more than a little arbitrary, and it renders later references to different items totally pointless since the reader could not possibly have more than the one necessary object.

Perhaps this whole aspect of the book is the result of an error somewhere along the line Translations: Italian , Spanish My Thoughts: This book finally deals in depth with a topic that has been briefly visited in several previous volumes: the exploration of the New World.

For some reason, this isn't a subject which I've ever found terribly exciting I just can't tell any of those explorers apart! Eventually, though, I did enjoy the story and find this to be a fairly satisfying read. Strangely enough, though, I have the same gameplay complaint about this book that I did about its predecessor -- unless you pick the right item before the story begins, you are doomed to be stuck in an infinite loop! I can't help feeling that the series would have been better if it had contained a few rules on picking up items during the course of the story; this way, players could have searched for necessary equipment rather than simply being out of luck After all, that's what a real time traveler would most likely end up doing.

It doesn't stand out from the other books in the series in any notable way, but it's still an above-average gamebook. Translations: Spanish My Thoughts: This is a good entry in the series; not only does it deal with a number of important Roman historical figures, but it also gives a good first-person look at Roman life in various periods and social classes. This diversity of educational content more than makes up for the fairly familiar subject matter. My biggest criticism of the book is that its artwork seems rather rushed in places and is definitely below average for the series.

Everybody knows that breaking up by text is a douche move. But killing someone? That's too much, Marvel. But there is one moment in the film that made me choke on my popcorn, and it involves Peggy Carter. She's one of the most loved characters and possibly the most prominent woman in the whole Marvel universe. In "Civil War", Steve Rogers receives a text informing him that someone he knows has died in their sleep. That someone, we learn a few moments later, at the funeral, is Peggy Carter. One of the most popular characters in the Marvel universe just died -- and it happened offscreen?

And we learn about it in a frickin' text message? That's some shabby treatment for such a beloved figure.